Joe Biden won Georgia and his 16 electoral votes, an extraordinary victory for Democrats who pushed to extend their electoral map across the Sun Belt

The victory of M Biden boosts electoral college victory margin over President Donald Trump

M Biden was declared the winner of the presidential election on November 7 after returning Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin to the Democratic column

In 2020, Democrats had focused heavily on the state, seeing it in play two years after Democrat Stacey Abrams narrowly lost the governor’s race

ABC was guided by syndicated Associated Press news agency’s projections to call states So far the PA has not called Georgia because the agency has a habit of not calling Georgia. call a race that is or is likely to be recounted

The AP called for a run for M Biden on Thursday after state election officials said a timed audit of ballots in the presidential race confirmed the former vice president had led Mr. Trump by around 12,000 votes out of nearly 5 million counted

Gabriel Sterling, who oversaw the implementation of the state’s new voting system, said the result of the manual audit revealed that Mr. Biden led Trump by just over 12,000 votes Entering the count, M Biden led M Trump with a margin of around 14,000 votes

Uncounted ballots previously discovered in several counties during the manual count reduced this margin, while other counties saw slight differences in the results during the manual count State election officials have always said this was predictable and stressed that the audit was not a response to supposedly suspected problems with the state’s results or an official request for a recount

Both Georgian Senate seats were up for ballot this year, further boosting the state’s political profile as well as spending by outside groups seeking to influence voters These two races are heading for a second round in January

Overall, demographic trends show the state’s electorate is getting younger and more diverse with each passing year.Like other metropolitan areas, suburban Atlanta also moved away from Republicans in 2016, Hillary Clinton overthrew Cobb and Gwinnett counties, which M Biden won

In 2018, Democrat Stacey Abrams galvanized black voters in her bid to become the country’s first African-American woman to run a state, a campaign she narrowly lost

Many political analysts say it’s not about whether, rather when, Georgia becomes a swing state This was clear in the last few weeks of the campaign as Mr. Biden; his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris; and former President Barack Obama scolded M State Trump also visited the state to play defense

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The question that remains is whether M’s victory Biden marks a major change or temporary revolt by suburban voters who disliked M Trump and who will return to the Republican fold after his departure

M Biden said Thursday (local time) that M Trump’s acceptance of election results left Americans “witnesses to incredible irresponsibility”

“Incredibly damaging messages are being sent to the rest of the world about how democracy works,” Mr. Biden, adding that M’s actions Trump in Michigan were particularly troubling

“What the president does now is going to be another incident where he will go down in history as one of the most irresponsible presidents”

States have until December 8 to settle any disputes over election results, including recounts and court competitions

Once this deadline has passed, voters in each state have until December 14 to vote by paper ballot

Follow the twists and turns as Donald Trump and Joe Biden face off in the race for the White House

These certificates, along with other official documents, are sent by registered mail to various officials, including the President of the Senate, before December 23

The Lower House and the Senate will hold a joint session to count these electoral votes on January 6

When a candidate receives at least 270 electoral votes, the President of the Senate announces the results

The inauguration day is January 20, when the winning candidate will be officially sworn in as president

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