Free agent playmaker Fred VanVleet looks “very likely” to re-sign with the Raptors, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said in an appearance on The Jump this afternoon (video link via Knicks Film School)

Wojnarowski suggests that the lack of squads with limited seats around the NBA could limit VanVleet’s ability to attract big offers that could put additional pressure on the Raptors A previous report indicated that Toronto may be hoping to bring VanVleet back on a deal similar to the one Malcolm Brogdon signed with Indiana last year – $ 85 million over four years

The Raptors’ ability to go much higher for VanVleet is complicated by the fact that the team want to retain enough leeway for 2021 to fight for a maximum salary player (ideally Giannis Antetokounmpo, if he is The bigger the VanVleet deal, the less space the team will have in a year, but something in the range of $ 20-22 million per year should fit the team’s budget

While the Raptors are the pioneers of VanVleet, that doesn’t necessarily mean the two sides will immediately get along when the free agency opens in an hour. Sportsnetca’s Michael Grange (Twitter link) heard that the Raptors and other VanVleet contenders would likely meet the 26-year-old in the Chicago area on Saturday The Knicks and Pistons were cited as a few other possible contenders for custody of the Raptors

Wow… Van Vleet’s stock has gone down a bit, eh… $ 20K a year is too much?

I think he’s at least good enough to win 20,000 for every quarter of every game he plays

Once the few teams with a space cap are finished, only all those MLE contracts are left

Almost as good as rockets dropping Capela and a first round pick to get Covington and then swap it for a first round pick

Fred VanVleet

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