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People say this game is played in mini-sessions As said, people are usually gamers and former gamers this is a maxim to note We will have four images before the mid-session interval tonight , and if Ronnie can win 3-1, we’ll have a best-of-five for the title

Judd Trump and Ronnie O’Sullivan will be back at the table soon It’s the first at nine for the Alex Higgins Trophy, which defending champion Trump is closest to after passing the post-session noon 5-3 Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the outcome of a fascinating match

We’re back for Trump’s second and final act against O’Sullivan at the Northern Irish Open (to, erm, Milton Keynes)

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It was an exciting afternoon of snooker, with that slow-burner of a really lively final in these last two images Trump will be happy with his lead and be the slight favorite to take the title, while 5-3 behind is a result for O’Sullivan after being the second best of this session With two centuries in the last two frames, he sets up the evening session perfectly Join us again at 645h for the conclusion of the Northern Irish Open final

O’Sullivan Brilliant 137 cuts Trump’s lead to two frames and ends this session

The tap is on now, as Ronnie secures the frame and then his sixth century tournament

O’Sullivan is half a century his first of the day, but he almost lacks position going in and out of the blue and catching the brown on the way He chooses a tight red on the lower right to continue his pause, and should seal it from here

O’Sullivan attempts a brace on a red to mid-left at the start of the eighth frame, knowing it was the only ball he could leave, but it comes out of the knuckles and lands safely Several minutes of safety cautious follow, with both players fully aware of the enormity of this frame It’s O’Sullivan who has the first chance, as he ties a red in the middle right and goes up the table for the blue It’s a good table, with black available in the two lower corners, and he enters the peloton early to affect a perfectly functioning division and could win the frame if he can locate his touch here Aggressive and positive play by the world champion

Judd brightens everything to black for a stunning 128 He restores his lead to three frames, and the last of the shoot is now huge for Ronnie

A blue with the 14th red brings Trump to 100, and that’s the kind of game we’ve been expecting for this final

Red tenth takes Trump to 69 and O’Sullivan needs snookers Can he convert that to a ton?

It’s Judd who escapes first to seventh, in the middle of a red in the pocket at the bottom right There are few better sounds in snooker than this type of connection between ball and pocket He has up to 30 in no time at all, then picks a plant just below pink to get things done A few strokes later he peeks into the bunch to develop more reds and that’s a chance to bank the frame, even if O’Sullivan continues to play despite needing five or more snookers

O’Sullivan adds 31, which puts him well past the winning post, and he cuts his deficit to two frames. It was a big frame for him; 4-4 would obviously be perfect, but he would probably take 5-3 given the way he’s played so far today

Trump comes in and makes just eight, then walks out of his safety after running out of position The table is really awkward now after a number of missed pots and a smash and bash safety from O’Sullivan reminiscent of his world championship semi-final with Mark Selby O’Sullivan entering however, floating in a well-timed lower-left red that drops white in position over black

O’Sullivan comes out shooting in the sixth frame, quickly amassing 33, before a deep shot on a red goes terribly wrong and he bursts the white just above the object bullet. four for Trump Ronnie gets the next two reds, but he can’t land on a flush; Judd can only add five himself in response, and it suddenly got a bit disjointed

What a great shot of Trump, sinking brown and shifting blue from the side pad and into a potting position in the middle left It soon disappears, as does the pink, and he extends his lead to three frames

Trump is 23, but misses the third of the last red bottom left and sticks it bottom right for Ronnie It’s a chance to win the frame, but O’Sullivan can’t shoot the red and the leaves right to middle left for Judd This could be a crucial failure Trump clears the remaining reds to go level in the frame, then the black to move forward He needs the blue to gain the frame

This is a magnificent effort by O’Sullivan, who made 43 from a devilishly tough table, but after releasing black he misses a green in his own pocket and he gave Trump a chance to counter

We’re back in Milton Keynes, and this fifth frame is huge for O’Sullivan After drawing a foul and potting the first two reds, Trump appears to be in control of the table until O’Sullivan strokes in a long red and lands on the pink in the middle left This is the first chance to score from the frame, and an awkward one with the blue and black currently out of service

Trump commits another foul before sending the final red Pink and yellow follow before he misses the green; we still carry on O’Sullivan pot the green, Trump the brown, before O’Sullivan returns to the pot the blue and the pink It’s the end of the frame Trump won’t mind hanging on in the meantime, because he’s the one in charge The players will now have a 15 minute break, just like me

Trump’s blue leaves Ronnie in need of snookers He’s missing a black off, and O’Sullivan will play like this week, but only 59 left here He responds with 13, making a red like he does, but he will have to take a color with and he chooses to tuck Trump behind the pink instead This results in a foul, but he’s miles behind; these are curious tactics by O’Sullivan this week, but it’s all in the laws

Trump’s rhythm game, now sinking Half a century is in the bank, and there are enough loose reds to sort through this frame in one fell swoop

Trump has the first chance in the fourth frame, sliding into a red in the lower right, then selecting a blue in the middle right despite the white tight against the side pad He begins to put his break together, and out of the blue that brings him to 26 years old, he forces a nice separation on the red pack So pink is safe, but black and blue are available

Oh my word! O’Sullivan takes another, missing the green in the lower left by a mile, watching it peel off four cushions, then fall down the middle left Extraordinary He adds the brown, then a hard cut on a bruise, and he is on the set in this final

After committing a foul while trying to escape a snooker, O’Sullivan then throws the final red into the green pocket after deflecting the white around the blue to catch it! It’s a touchdown, but he can’t capitalize as he loses his position on the green and has to play it safe

Trump snaps into a nice red on 32 to continue his break He then walks back down from the table to the green, but can’t convert the remaining red on the rail which runs safely after spitting down right C ‘is now a huge frame to win, even at this stage of a best of 17

O’Sullivan wraps another long red, then comes back for real with a red in the middle right He can only add 13 though as a bottom left red is missing with the rest Of disgust he slips said rest under the table with contempt It’s not an easy table for Trump, with two reds near the bottom cushion, but he has a chance to steal this one

This break is on the edge of O’Sullivan, but it’s exciting to see him tinkering He almost fits in the middle on the right, then nails a huge long bruise in the green pocket to keep things going He does stand out on 32, however, as he’s missing a red straight to the bottom left In better news for him he left Trump nothing

It’s more like that of O’Sullivan, who rolls a long red near the bottom line deadweight in the lower right. Can he go? It’s early, but it already looks like a big visit to this match

Trump pot of penultimate red, but misses black O’Sullivan, like he’s been doing all week, keeps playing even though he needs six snookers to win He’s more interested bring his arm up here, and add 10 before leaving Judd plugs the green and misses the brown, but here we go; O’Sullivan uses brown, then pink, blue, and black, but that’s Trump’s frame and he’s two frames ahead

It’s already tense things Trump takes a foul from O’Sullivan then scores a red, but misses another black from his place On his next visit he scores a long red, and it was a ball of O’Sullivan executive returns to table 54 behind with 43 on

It’s half a century for Trump, who settled the faster of the two players here Pink and black tie together here and the remaining reds are troublesome, so there is still a lot of work to be done to clean up that frame in one visit Trump then leaves a black in the jaws at the bottom left, a really poor dud, and this is a chance for O’Sullivan He can only add eight, however, leaving a red on the jaws, but Trump fouls black by trying to deflect white for the pot Without an easy path to red, and without another pot, O’Sullivan hands Trump; it’s really surprising, given that Trump has already made an attempt. It’s a risk and it backfires; Trump turns red, then plays cautiously to back down

Judd leaves Ronnie a hard red along the rail behind the black one, which he can only let dangle in the lower right jaws It could be costly and Trump collects points quickly One black takes him to 30 , hence he stuns in the peloton to release even more reds

Poor O’sullivan security leaves Trump a shot at a long bruise in the yellow pocket It’s there, and the pink follows to secure the first frame

O’Sullivan adds 32, but cannot conveniently land on the blue which is near the cushion above the left midfielder He’s playing it safe, and he’s now blue and pink forcing both players to win that first frame

Well now; Trump adds 16 but gets embarrassed and spots the pink on a straight red A kick to start means he vibrates the red in the lower right jaws and leaves it there; with 51 on the left, can Ronnie pinch that frame?

O’Sullivan’s cross double attempt fails, leaving Trump a yellow-pocketed red that he devours Trump can only add four before returning to the safety game Another good Trump snooker shoots nine extra points, and Ronnie then leaves it after his third escape attempt

Trump responds with 24, before losing his position and having to play it safe out of the pack After a firefight, Trump reds while playing at Baulk, before hitting O’Sullivan behind the brown This pulls four from an escape attempt, before O’Sullivan cuts a red and sends the white safe to the side cushion

O’Sullivan is first, falling into a red midrange on the bottom left after Trump left white before the despondency line He is already flying, and is quickly 23, but missing a pink top on the knuckle from right midfielder That left Trump in it, and with a counter chance

MC Phil Seymour introduces the players O’Sullivan comes out first, before his intro music begins. He looks passionate here Trump is following soon, and we’re good to go; let’s get into this

Ronnie struggled in the first mini session of his semifinal yesterday He was 3-1 down, missing everything and in a state of perpetual annoyance with his cue tip; when he came back after the interval he kicked Ali Carter off the table with five over 50 breaks to win him 6-3 As for Judd he is walking well He has made at least the last four of each tournament until now this season, winning the English Open in it all, and hitting a 147 earlier in the week

Best of 17 today for the Alex Higgins Trophy Our afternoon session will feature eight of these frames, with a mid-session interval after four

A lot of things are not said in life, so let’s say this: this match will effectively establish who, here and how, is the best player in the game. Judd is the world number one on the run, while Ronnie is the reigning world champion This is the first time they have met in the final since Trump claimed the title by beating O’Sullivan in Belfast a year ago year It adds a wonderful underlying to what is already a fascinating finale

This is the third year in a row that these two have met in the final of this competition Trump has won those two previous meetings, and if he can win today, he will become the first player since Stephen Hendry in 1996 to win the same ranking tournament three times in a row For O’Sullivan, this is a chance to win one of the few tournaments he has yet to put his best foot forward and to add his all-time record of 37 wins in the ranking events

Welcome to live coverage of the Northern Irish Open final from his temporary home at Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes If you were intending to do anything other than watch this final today , put it aside because we have a better one for you; at 1 p.m. Judd Trump and Ronnie O’Sullivan will be on the table to sort out the destination of the trophy

Ronnie O’Sullivan has reached the final of the Northern Irish Open, where he will face Judd Trump, after battling to beat Ali Carter with five consecutive frames en route to a 6-3 victory

Carter took a 3-1 lead in the mid-session interval, but the Rocket was just too good as he was at his driving best after the break

And the Rocket will meet Trump in the final after world number one defeats David Grace 6-2 on Saturday night

The defending champion clinched 57, 91, 101, 59 and 92 to set up a third final meeting with O’Sullivan on the rebound

We will also have continuous online coverage on the UK Eurosport website and our social channels

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