Lukas Gage showed us all an example of how not to make a Zoom call after posting his very awkward movie audition

The American actor posted the ill-fated video on his Twitter earlier today on November 21 and be warned: the second-hand embarrassment will be intense

The American Vandal star gave us a preview of Corona-era film auditions with an anonymous director Things quickly got uncomfortable

“PSA: If you’re a talkative director, be sure to trim your pussy at Zoom meetings,” Gage captioned the video.

psa if you are a director talking shit make sure to mute your shit on the zoom pic mtgingsTwittercom / PTgMZcRhEw

The invisible director starts talking to someone else offscreen, saying, “These poor people live in these little apartments,” in reference to Gage’s house. ”As if I’m looking at his background and that he has his TV “, he continues before Gage interrupts,” Ummm, you’re not dumb “

Gage handled it with aplomb and confidence “I know this is a crappy apartment that’s why I need you to give me this job so I can find a better one,” he said. he added Fair play companion This is how you feel guilty!

The director wasted no time in apologizing profusely and Gage had no choice but to laugh: “Look, I live in a 4 × 4 box… it’s fine Just give me the work and everything will be fine “

Speculation has already started about the director’s identity. He looks like a caricature of a snooty, snobbish English schmooze This narrows the list down to around 5,000 people

Someone guessed Matthew Vaughn, director of Kingsman: The Secret Service and Its Sequel Maybe we’ll never know

It’s unclear exactly what role and which movie Gage auditioned for, but we think his career should be okay. His starring role came on HBO’s big drama show Euphoria last year He followed suit. this in 2020 with a role in Hulu’s teen drama Love, Victor

Lukas Gage

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