The Victorians will be able to accommodate 30 people for Christmas and will no longer have to wear masks every time they leave the house, as authorities have said the state got rid of the community transmission of COVID-19

Chief health worker Brett Sutton called on Sunday in connection with the announcement of major changes to coronavirus restrictions that will end mandatory face masks outdoors on Sunday night

“Elimination [of the virus] may or may not be the right word, I think we are talking about no community transmission [and] I am sure we are there now,” said Professor Sutton. / p>

“We have not yet reached the epidemiological threshold of 28 days, but I am convinced that we will do so”

Babies under 12 months will not be included in the total of 30 people allowed to enter homes for the holiday season The change to the cap on private gatherings will take effect on December 13 to accommodate the Jewish holidays of Hanukkah

From 11 Sunday evening at 5:00 p.m., Victorians will be able to accommodate 15 people in their homes, up from the current ceiling of two. Outdoor gatherings in parks and beaches will increase to 50 people

On the same day that Victoria recorded 23 straight days without a new coronavirus case or death, Prime Minister Daniel Andrews also said city workers could start returning to office from the end of the month – with strict density requirements and on-site cleaning protocols

“We will start a slow, steady and safe return to work for those who have worked from home That is, 25% of the staff will be able to be in the office, and these are mainly offices, 75% will still have to work from home and we will be making more announcements in the weeks and months to come, “he said

While masks are still needed in any indoor environment, M Andrews said people would only need to wear them outside when they cannot maintain a safe distance from others

“If you go to Bunnings and you are inside the store you wear a mask If you are in the parking lot you don’t have to wear your mask,” he said

“But if you’re in line for a sausage, and you’re with other people, and you just don’t keep a distance, you’re part of a crowd, you’ve got to put on the mask. mask with you Common sense drives this

“If you are heading for a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood, you won’t need to wear a mask – but you will have to wear one, in case the situation changes. I know for some people they will think that it’s too slow and still too restrictive

“But the point is, masks are a small sacrifice that helps us all stay safe”

From 11 on Sunday evening at 5:00 p.m., the Victorian function rooms will accommodate 100 people inside with one person per four square meters for the large rooms

But smaller venues will also be able to increase their sponsorship based on a new rule of one person per two square meters

“For the little ones we were able to come up with an innovative method, going to one person per two square meters for these small rooms. This means that they will be able to have more people inside, but they are capped at a maximum of 50 ”, said Mr. Andrews

“We will be talking with the industry, whether it is pubs, hotels, bars, restaurants, anything in this industry, to make sure they fully understand these new rules”

Health Minister Martin Foley said the number of active cases in the state has fallen to one – an immunocompromised person who remains in hospital

The last case of unknown transmission in Victoria was recorded on October 29 Extending this streak until Thursday would meet the state government’s goal of “COVID-normal”, which would trigger further easing of restrictions

Victoria’s next steps towards ‘COVID-normal’ will be announced on December 6, Prime Minister Daniel Andrews announced

“I will be before you again on December 6 to announce further changes and talk about actions we can take, as we get closer to a COVID-free summer,” M said. Andrews

“So Christmas [it’s] 30 people in your house From tonight the masks should be worn inside, outside wear the mask and put it on if you can’t get away Keep your 1 5 m from other people, and you can accommodate 15 people in your home in a day

“The key message is that the Victorians did an amazing job and built something so precious But it’s fragile, and each of us must play our part These rules reflect the best public health advice”

Another pop-up test site was set up at Point Cook in Melbourne on Saturday after fragments of COVID-19 were found in a sewage sample from the Altona sewage catchment, according to the Ministry of Health There are now five test sites serving the affected area

Anyone with symptoms of a cold or flu, however mild, in Altona, Altona Meadows, Laverton, Point Cook or Sanctuary Lakes is urged to get tested immediately

Authorities also want symptomatic visitors to one of these suburbs between Monday November 16 and Wednesday November 18 to be tested

The detection of fragments in west Melbourne was the third case of the virus detected in the state this week after samples from Portland and Benalla also revealed fragments on Tuesday

There were 117 tests carried out in Benalla on Friday and 42 in Portland on Saturday, with authorities expecting a new request on Sunday

No positive results have yet emerged from wastewater alerts, but Professor Sutton maintained that wastewater testing was a useful public health tool

“We think this is correct, but the problem is that people can continue to shed the virus for a few weeks after they recover,” he said on Sunday.

“When we ask people to get tested because we have detected it in sewage, we don’t know if it is because there is a new case that has arisen, active and contagious or if someone who has been a case and has recovered and is still three or four weeks from that recovery has moved to an area “

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