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The last episode of Star Wars: The Mandalorian, “Chapter 12: The Seige”, was very special because it was directed by Greef actor Karga Carl Weathers This is the star’s first time directing an episode from the Disney Weathers series has already received a lot of praise on social media Being the kind man that he is, the actor / director also took the time to respond to all the beautiful posts on his episode with his classic post # BePeace and sometimes even more

When asked to share what interested him most for season two by ET Canada, Weathers replied, “Well, sure, the episode I did! [Laughs] L ‘episode that I realized, in our program, was episode 4 “

“This came because I got down on my knees and begged Jon Favreau: ‘Please, please let me direct an episode’,” Weathers previously shared with Breakfast Television Toronto “And he said, ‘If we have a season 2, we’re going to take a look at it’And true to his word he walked through, he delivered. Sheena and Hawaii Five-0 episodes

You can check out a few (not all of them, as he replied to almost everyone!) of Weathers’ Twitter responses below:

#TheMandalorin episode 12, “The Siege” is a joyous adventure #StarWars Sincere thanks to Jon Favreau for the opportunity to lead this offer! Thanks to all the cast and the amazing team and Disney #BePeace #GreefKarga picTwittercom / A9v4EZmk9C

Carl Weathers

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