Wrestling legend Chris Jericho has revealed his interest in fighting former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson for real in a boxing match

The AEW star, more recently synonymous with her slogan “a little bubbly”, once had some beef with Tyson in a scripted fight

This time around, Jericho says he would be ready for an exhibition inside the square circle – potentially after Tyson confronts Roy Jones Jr

Speaking in an interview with Court Bauer, “Y2J” said there had been contact between the two sides

“Earlier this year when we had the little showdown with Tyson It may or may not happen yet,” he said, “Who knows, really? But they said, “Mike really wants to do something. What would you do? “

“I said, ‘Whatever Let’s do a match’ You wanna do a boxing match? I’m gonna box Mike Tyson How much can I get beaten by Mike Tyson, is it worse than taking hard punches from all these guys who’ve beaten me over the years? “

Asked about the possibility of taking one of Mike Tyson’s shots in the face, Jericho reflected on how Floyd Mayweather had already appeared in WWE in 2008

Mayweather gave Big Show an unintentional slap in the ribs during Wrestlemania XXIV All Scripted At That Time

“You can hit me I’m fine It’ll be fine I remember when Big Show had this with Floyd Mayweather

“He told me Mayweather hit him and Mayweather broke his nose And Show was like, ‘I got my nose broken by less,” the veteran said

In just six days, in a Pay Per View extravaganza, Mike Tyson will take on Jones Jr who could signal the start of a wave of returning retired champions

If “The Baddest Man on the Planet” wins and gets big numbers, those who have been out of the sport for a while and need a payday will line up around the block

“Iron” Mike has created a “Legends Only” league “It’s not just for boxers, but for all the sports stars who want to compete on PPV

NBA Hall of Fame member Michael Jordan has already been associated with the title of the next star It remains to be seen who will register exactly

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