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Bedlam Rivalry Games can play out in a number of ways, but no matter how it turns out, it usually ends with a win in Oklahoma. Who held again Saturday night as No 18 Oklahoma used a strong 14-point fourth quarter to pull away from No 14 Oklahoma State in a 41-13 win to claim their sixth straight Bedlam Series victory

The Sooners have now won five games in a row after starting 1-2 and have the Big 12 championship game in sight Two more games against West Virginia and Baylor are all that separate this team from another trip to Arlington, Texas

Bedlam’s start made it look like Oklahoma was about to run away with the game The Sooners scored touchdowns on their first three possessions to come back 21-0, one of which was assisted by a short court thanks to an athletic interception by David Ugwoegbu However, Oklahoma state’s top 15 defensemen appeared after being burned early.For more than two quarters, the Cowboys held the Sooners to just six points

But then, a consistent dose of running back Rhamondre Stevenson paid off for OU Stevenson, who had been bottled up most of the night, began to interrupt bigger runs and finished with 141 yards on 26 carries. It also allowed Oklahoma to become more creative and aggressive with their game calls.The first touchdown in the fourth quarter came on a false backhand that knocked fullback H Jeremiah Hall out of the backfield for a score of 30 yards. The second was a fourth Spencer Rattler draw at Theo Wease for 31 yards to put the game aside for good

Oklahoma State Offense Could Never Begin Quarterback Spencer Sanders was eliminated in the first quarter with an apparent head injury It meant freshman Shane Illingworth was fielded, but he finished the night 5 of 21 passing for 71 yards and a touchdown Although the Pokes coaching staff were initially cautious about getting Sanders back into the game, he was reinstated in the fourth quarter. By then it was too little too late

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy drops to 2-14 all-time against Oklahoma Here are takeaways from tonight’s game:

The Sooners’ ground game was already improving by the time Stevenson returned from his NCAA suspension to Texas Tech late last month, but he took it to another level Stevenson was bottled up as a runner early on Saturday, but credits Riley for refusing to drop out of the race It helped Oklahoma take a big lead, but eventually Stevenson’s 2-yard runs turned into 9-yard runs. , and these became bulk yards

The running game also opened Oklahoma’s attack in more aggressive situations.The first of two fourth quarter touchdowns started with Stevenson taking a direct snap before giving the ball to Rattler, who faked a backhand and hit Jeremiah Hall for the touchdown The second, a Rattler touchdown at Theo Wease, was on a fourth and a 4 as Stevenson running was really a possibility Without the escalating ground play, Oklahoma is not pulling back like it did

I’m not saying Illingworth is a bad player, although he had a bad night But that’s largely because of the Oklahoma defense The Sooners had a disruptive night with four sacks , seven TFLs, four rushing QBs and at least two or three slaps at the line of scrimmage Oklahoma State’s offensive weakness has been the offensive line It wasn’t great tonight, and Illingworth isn’t the type of quarterback who can extend games with his legs Sanders can, but out of caution Oklahoma State opted not to play him for most of the game. I won’t criticize this movement – player safety is important – although I wonder what the difference was in Sanders’ health between the second and fourth quarters Either way, Sanders is better equipped to pick up the necessary yards with his arms and legs Illingworth just doesn’t give Oklahoma State that option and it’s tough when trying to play from behind

There were two moments in the fourth quarter that turned out to be critical practice moves.The first was Gundy’s decision to throw a fourth and eight at the Oklahoma 39-yard line about 12 minutes away. of the end The Pokes lost 21 points, and while the punt worked – a game penalty delay helped Oklahoma State pin the Sooners to their 1-yard line – it was still too conservative a call. Time is running out and Oklahoma state only had 13 points on the board They needed to catch up Keep in mind: Sanders was back in the game by then, so it was obvious that Oklahoma State was doing what it felt needed to be done to win Punting didn’t do anything either, as Oklahoma ran 99 yards and scored to put the game aside for good.In fact, it was Riley who opted for the fourth and fourth that ended the match It was a big difference in coaching

Good observation from @TRowOU on OU radio The last 2 possessions showed a difference between Riley / GundyGundy is conservative, the 4th and 8th kicks of OU 39 down from 21 Meanwhile, Riley goes for the fourth and fourth of OSU 31 And throws the ball into the end zone for TD

CBS Sports has been with you throughout updating this story with the latest additions to the game, which you can read below

Oklahoma State leads the field, but fails to enter the end zone That Sooners touchdown was the dagger but now this one is actually over

Spencer Rattler is Oklahoma’s 4th player in the past 20 years with 4 TD assists and 1 TD rush in one game, joining Kyler Murray, Baker Mayfield and Sam Bradford imageTwittercom / HQh1nicOIC

Sooners go there on fourth down and Rattler connects with Theo Wease for a touchdown We’re done here

Stevenson breaks a huge run out of the shadow of his Stevenson goal post at truly deceptive speed

Look, the bad news is you’re punting in Oklahoma Territory as you lose 21 in Q4 The good news is it was a good kick

From now on, it looks like a four-way territory for the state of Oklahoma – at least in the plus territory

Sanders returns to Cowboys quarterback First pass is completion for first run It’s time to catch up

Omg you gotta love @LincolnRiley genius play Idk how you do it but keep doing it! You are the 🐐🔥

After hitting on the outside, Oklahoma will dazzle for the touchdown on the reverse false pass at Jeremiah Hall It’s the kind of game that can break things

TOUCHDOWN #Sooners! @ Jeremiah_Hall27 comes out of nowhere for the score! OR 34, OSU 13 (14: 15 / 4Q) #OUDNA picTwittercom / gVwvOusfKR

Oklahoma really got into racing this quarter with Stevenson and Rattler Seems like it’s a matter of time before we open

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