There will be plenty of scenes from the upcoming fourth season of Paramount Network’s hit TV fictional drama “Yellowstone” that won’t look fictional in Missoulians

The show, starring Kevin Costner, has been filmed here and in the Bitterroot Valley for the past few months.If you’re a regular at Missoula’s classic Ruby’s Cafe, you’ll probably notice an eerie detail in a breathtaking scene during the broadcast of A scene was filmed at the Community Medical Center, and the Missoula County Courthouse will be featured

But behind the scenes, the economic impact of a well-funded Hollywood production coming here has been huge, as small businesses and local workers benefit from studio payrolls

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Paramount Network spent about $ 80 million to shoot the first three seasons of “Yellowstone” in Utah This translates to over $ 26 million per season

This year, Paramount decided to move filming to Montana to take advantage of a new $ 10 million tax credit law passed by the Montana Legislature that was deemed more attractive than incentives from Utah

Brenda Hallas is the owner of Ruby’s Cafe in Missoula, a classic restaurant that has been open for almost half a century

“A few months ago, people scouting for the show were here and asking ‘do you mind if we take pictures’ and look around,” Hallas recalls. “They came later and said: ‘you are our no 1 choice’ and asked me if we would be interested We have this look that no one else has anymore “

The show filmed for an entire day, from 6 aum until almost 9 pm, in October at dinner.They then hired a local cleaning crew to scour the entire restaurant and remove all the fake blood the next day.

“I have to say they were amazing to work with,” said Hallas “I can’t tell you a negative Of course I never met the cast, I only dealt with the ‘team And the crew that I dealt with were absolutely wonderful They were so professional They were just Johnny on site with immediate answers “

“And then they hired locals to clean up,” she said “The cleaners stood there for seven and a half hours, cleaning from head to toe They turned a mess, to be honest with you , but it wasn’t something that was “oh my God ‘they did it right”

“But I would do it again in a heartbeat,” she said “This isn’t the first time We’ve had different shoots here The New York Magazine did a shoot here We shot a music video here We had an album cover shot here, and a tiny local film company was shot here once “

None of her staff were used as extras because she said the extras needed to be quarantined first Hallas said many of her regular customers were standing outside on the sidewalk and watching the shooting

“The people backstage, the crew, they work their butt,” she said The company would walk in and “mist” the restaurant with cleaning solution between shots as well

Cortney Bergeson, project manager at TC Glass in Missoula, said his company was hired to replace tinted glass in the restaurant with clear glass for filming action shots

“We put tempered glass in and they broke it three times,” she said “They shot a guy through a window looking out to Brooks We would run and replace him every time they broke him C ‘ was really cool “

“There was fake blood all over the others,” she said “It was fun to see it all The whole crew was really great We have to talk to all the cast Everyone was really nice C ‘ was the perfect opportunity “

The production company leased a warehouse in Bonner to use it as a sound stage, and many other companies took advantage of the show as well.

Police officers from the city of Missoula have been hired several times by the show for security reasons.The total overtime paid by the company was 285, for a total reimbursement of $ 17,081, according to Ginny Merriam, City Communications Manager This money is not coming from taxpayers, because the hired cops are not on duty

The show spent $ 130 securing public right-of-way closures in the city, and also paid the city $ 7,870 for blocking parking spaces at several downtown scenes

Missoula County Facilities Manager Jason Hauser said the company paid $ 16,000 to use the Missoula County courthouse on a Saturday and another night

“They were very pleasant to work,” said Hauser “There were only a few small things damaged and they paid for the repairs They did not prevent public access at all”

The show may be set in the Bozeman area, but it will be the Missoulians who enthusiastically show up on their screens next year Hundreds of locals have made around $ 180 a day in extras

City council member Jesse Ramos spent a day filming a scene with Kevin Costner and a few other actors Ramos said it was a “great” experience, but he is particularly excited about the economic benefits for them. small local businesses He said he had heard that restaurants, bars, hotels and a myriad of other local businesses had been boosted

“It has brought a nice windfall of income at a time when it was needed most,” he said. “I am delighted they are back next year”

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