The No.7 Cincinnati Bearcats overcame obstacles they have yet to face in order to secure a contested 36-33 victory over UCF In just the second road trip of the season, great performances were needed and big plays were made against the best offensive in the country It was another weekend with a Bearcat victory but this one was a big statement

In a game of this magnitude, the last thing you want your team to fall victim to are mistakes At first the errors were piling up for the visitors It started in the first practice when a third down and 8 presented a 3 and out opportunity for the Blackcats A tough tally drew Jabari Taylor offside and made an easier conversion for the Knights Later in the same drive another tough tally drew an offside defender and featured a free play for Dillon Gabriel to find Jacob Harris on a 41-yard completion

This placed the High Power Knights’ offense first and the 3 goal where they knocked him into the end zone for a 3-yard touchdown by Greg McCrae The Cincinnati offense responded with a training that showed promise but ended with a 47-yard basket from Cole Smith, his longest of the season The disc featured two solid wins to Leonard Taylor and Jayshon Jackson, but stalled the lack of a running game

The defense was then able to hold for a three and one out, but it created another huge mistake for a Cincinnati team that have been pretty solid so far UCF punter Andrew Osteen , threw a punt intended to be caught, but a Knights defenseman was stuck in Ryan Montgomery’s catch radius, causing a muff Amari Johnson retrieved the free ball and placed the Knights at the 22-yard line with turnover packed by gift

6 plays later, Dillon Gabriel was able to connect with his favorite target, Marlon Williams, for a 6-yard touchdown It was a choice play that clearly had poor communication between the defensive backfield and inflated lead to 14-3 and all the momentum from the home side in front of a noisy Bounce House Cincinnati’s offense stammered for a 3 and what it did for the last 3 drives of the first quarter

An offense that had hummed over the previous 4 weeks was overcome by a UCF defense that faced countless cases of adversity They only managed 25 yards of total offense on the first quarterback, including a practice that started on the 45-yard mid-Florida line after a punt It wasn’t until the first practice of the second quarter that Desmond Ridder and his company were able to find their rhythm. p>

Ridder completed his 5 passing attempts and was helped with 30 more penalty yards to cover 73 yards with just 1:22 at the end of the clock The touchdown came on a nice drag road to Josh Whyle who came back up the field for the 29-yard touchdown after finding the edge It seemed to calm things down not only for Ridder but also for the offensive line It was now time to the dominant defense to stay strong

They did so after allowing just one first down before forcing a punt Ridder continued to stay warm with two big winners in a row at Tre Tucker and Jordan Jones They couldn’t grab it with a first and a scoring opportunity, but Cole Smith managed to score his second half-time basket to bring the Bearcats back to 1 The defense tightened again on the next leg, including a sack by Darrian Beavers which was extremely fierce This led to another chance for the Bearcats to take the lead towards the halftime lockers

They wasted no time doing it In the very first play of the drive, Ridder found Alec Pierce open on the field for a gain of 35 yards, that jump started the drive It was good to see Pierce making a loud noise with the bulky brace wrapped around the shoulder As he continues to reinvigorate himself on the attack, everyone’s game will be taken to another level. past afterwards was one of the most interesting events

Josh Whyle landed another catch on the right side, broke a few tackles and crossed the goal line for what would have been a 35-yard touchdown In the process, the bounce house lights went out and the game was stopped after the game After a discussion, officials recalled play at the 15-yard line, saying there was an inadvertent whistle blast Cincinnati left no doubt after a 12-yard catch by Gerrid Doaks and a 3-yard touchdown by Desmond Ridder

A failed 2-point conversion left the scorecard 19-14, the Bearcats getting the ball to start the 3rd quarter and all the momentum in the world This is where UCF reminded everyone the world how dynamic their attack really is With 1:23 left on the clock, college football’s fastest offense drove the ball 56 yards in 11 games to sink a 33-yard field goal and reduce the lead to 2

The second quarter was fantastic for the offense as they managed to pick up 184 yards and score 16 points to negate the difficulties presented after the first quarter The scene was then set for a second half fantastic and a chance to clinch a win on the road The first practice out of the locker room was similar to what the offense has done in the last few matches

Holding on to a 2-point lead and after back-to-back penalties the Bearcats brought the Bearcats back to their own 3-yard line, Cincinnati staged the game’s longest drive 16 games, 87 yards and 8:31 off the clock, that’s exactly what you want to do against a quick hitting fast attack that the Florida center has First five downs were picked up, five different players won from the yardage to the ground or in the air and dominance is established in the trenches Ridder converted a big 3rd and 8 on a scramble that took the team to the 1 yard line and it was perfect until UCF held up and forced a 22 yard basket Cole Smith (his third career record in one game) This extended the lead to 5 but returned the ball to a threatening attack

Dillon Gabriel is one of the best quarterbacks in the country and is a main reason the offense can quickly find the end zone no matter what the circumstances. After the Blackcats performed admirably for most of the first half, UCF recovered the ball after Bearcat’s long training and slammed down the pitch 75 yards in 10 games that only ate 2.5 hours off the clock.

The hyperdrive showcased the dynamic connection of Gabriel and Marlon Williams who capped the disc with his second touchdown of the game It was a man’s touchdown where he made two tackles on his way to pay the dirt The conversion to two runs that followed hijacked a potential ‘pick-2’ that the Bearcats could have returned if they were intercepted Instead, Williams used 2nd and 3rd effort to cross the goal line UCF now had the lead, during their Senior Night, in the Bounce House, in front of a noisy but controlled crowd

It’s not a position Luke Fickell and his team are familiar with Especially following a James Smith punt that pinned the Knights to their own 11-yard line, the 4th quarter came with the Bearcats on the ground and against the ropes Wait a minute, let me tell you again This Cincinnati team whose starting quarterback had only attempted 4 assists in the 4th quarter of the last 4 games was now down before the finals That team that gave Second and Third Team players plenty of shots over the past month were now against the ropes and needed a big game to turn the tide?

After Dillon Gabriel landed a first try to give the home side some breathing space, he attempted a laser in the middle of his trusty target Marlon Williams A pitch that was a little behind was knocked down by James Wiggins and landed straight into the hands of Darrick Forrest waiting At the UCF senior night, it was a senior to senior Bearcat tie that stemmed the tide Last week against ECU, Wiggins and Coby Bryant recorded interceptions The last senior waited for the perfect moment to join the party

Two plays later, Ridder found Gerrid Doaks on a beautifully drawn screen pass on a 3rd and 8 that looked like a touchdown (Jake Renfro also had a beastly pancake on the bottom) After a review, officials took ruled Doaks at the half-yard line, which just meant Ridder would extend the ball on a goalie the very next play for his 11th touchdown in the last 5 games Cincinnati regained the lead and a forced and retired three by defense on the next leg, which brought everything back to normal

With a 29-25 lead, the offense returned to the pitch with a chance to add up and, in the process, usher in the introduction of a new rising star In a 10, 71-yard drive, Ridder connected with Alec Pierce in the opener, then found tight end Leonard Taylor three times for 34 yards and a touchdown. Lenny has exploded at the seams and ready to join the group of behemoths the offense is currently on A 6-receiving squad on a 9-target squad has been handed in for 76 yards and the touchdown It’s hard to believe but another weapon emerged for this dynamic attack

There was, however, over 7 minutes left in the game. Even with a 36-25 lead it never felt safe and the Knights paraded the ball 75 yards in under 3 minutes to let the grinder indecisive by sweat A full 2-point second half-time conversion brought the home team back to a basket and woke a sleepy bounce house

With less than 5 minutes of play, it was time for the offense to close the door and come away with a big win on the road The first Ridder kept the ball to the left for 19 yards and a categorical first down Then Josh Whyle was found in the flats for 18 yards on bread and butter RPO of the night It capped the fantastic second-year afternoon with 5 receptions for 81 yards and a score that could have been still best without the ghost whistle

It was also the end of heavy stats for another phenomenal performance from Desmond Ridder 21/32 for 338 yards and 2 touchdowns in the air was met with 57 extra yards and 2 rushing touchdowns His 395 yards in total attack are more than what the Knights had as a team He’s on an absolute endless teardrop clear in sight

8 other rushes picked up 27 yards, but the drive ended in a footballing spirit but pulling the hair Gerrid Doaks chose not to fall into the end zone with 1:34 left in the game Instead of that he fell to the 1 meter line and two more plays saw the road team cut the time to less than 2 seconds when a shotgun shot escaped Des but luckily been recovered without damage Doaks finished with a very productive 97 rushing yards and 36 receiving yards on the night

The officials put one more second on the clock, leaving a miracle shot for the UCF attack, but the defense put the final stamp on another dominant performance by nullifying any chance They kept the knights on hold to 359 total yards, which is well below the 619 average they averaged in the game They held Dillon Gabriel to 243 passing yards which is his lowest total of the year They also forced a rollover for the 18th game in a row, which is college football’s longest streak today. Darrian Beavers is emerging as a star with 12 tackles, 4 tackles for loss and 15 sacks Once again the Blackcats came, they saw and they won

This had to be one of the toughest battles of the Senior Night in the Bounce House season against an electrifying offense on ESPN’s big stage is a chance to show what you’re made of Cincinnati has taken another victory and came from behind, unlike anything they’ve known before Next week is another step towards a conference championship at Temple and on Tuesday night we know how close Luke Fickell and company are to a chance to win the ultimate prize For now, look back on the 36-33 win and know that tonight was a statement

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