– Episode 4 (of 8), “Chapter 12: The Siege”
– Written by Jon Favreau
– Directed by Carl Weathers

The Razor Crest lame in space, its hyperdrive failing The kid sits inside a narrow duct of the ship The Mandalorian tries to ask the kid to fix the wiring but he assembles the red cables and blue of opposite charge and causes a slight burn out “Well it was worth it”, says Mando

The Mandalorian and the Child Drink Soup Together Mando realizes that they will never reach Corvus, the location of Jedi Ahsoka Tano, without repairs, so decides to visit some old friends. will you return to Nevarro? ” he asks

In a bar in Nevarro, a group of Aqualish debate how to eat a cute meerkat-like creature, while sharing ill-gotten loot between them A mysterious figure walks into the room “It’s the Marshal ! ” one of the party members says, as Cara Dune attacks, taking them all down in a blaster / knife fight She tells the meerkat – who made her glow – that she won’t eat it and scoops up the loot, ready to go. return to its legitimate owners

The Razor Crest lands on Nevarro, as Greef Karga and Dune leave town to greet Mando and the child “Looks like someone could do some repairs,” Karga says The Mandalorian questions his status as credit, and Karga says he’s sure something can be fixed and puts his best employees to work Karga picks up the kid and brings him back to town as a mechanic (looking rather suspicious) watches them leave

The city is now flourishing and Karga gives Dune credit for cleaning it up Mando explains that his ship was damaged in a skirmish with the New Republic, and Karga expresses the opinion that the Republic should leave the Outer Rim quiet – “if the Empire couldn’t fix it, what makes them think they can?”

They arrive at the cantina where Karga gave the Mandalorian his bounty hunting missions It has been cleaned up and turned into a school, where a protocol droid teaches the children of the city – the lesson is galactic geography Karga suggests leaving the ‘child at school – the Mando retorts that “wherever I go he goes” Karga says that where they go they don’t want to take a child, and Dune tells him he will be safe Baby Yoda is sitting at a table in the classroom and uses the Force to steal a packet of blue cookies from a boy in the classroom

Karga, Dune, and the Mandalorian return to Karga’s office and interrupt the apprehended Mythrol Mando just before accepting Baby Yoda’s post “There is no registration on the ship, but I’m pretty sure that” it belongs… ”says Mythrol over the communicator, before being interrupted Mando is surprised to see it, so Karga explains that the Mythrol had taken care of his books for years, but went AWOL after a bit of“ creative accounting Mythrol is now working on its debt – for the next 350 years

They have a job for Mando, while the Razor Crest is being repaired.There is an old Imperial base on the other side of Nevarro – this is where all of Moff Gideon’s troops came from, and it is apparently now led by a skeleton crew Karga says there are plenty of heavy weapons the black market would love to get their hands on “And you want to mop up the last members of the Imperial Force before them?” Mando declares, ostensibly Karga says he just wants the Empire off Nevarro, because then the planet would be safe and could become a commercial anchor for the sector

They leave with Mythrol at the controls of the speeder The plan is to overload the reactor to detonate the base, with Mythrol keeping the speeder running for a quick escape Mythrol is reluctant to get too close, so Karga says that he takes them to the front door and gets paid off a hundred years of his debt, or he comes home alone through the mudflats with all that remains in his anti-humidity vest

Base door controls melted Mythrol tries to leave, claiming he’s getting dehydrated, so Karga offers him 30 more years off his debt and tells him to grab the bridle cutter to accelerate them Mando doesn’t want to wait, however, and tells the others to hold on tight before stepping onto a platform. Seconds later, a Stormtrooper falls beside them and the door opens. They enter the base

They find the Mandalorian and a trio of Stormtrooper corpses “Empty base, eh?” Mando asks Mythrol spots a mint Trexler Marauder and says they could get a lot of it on the black market, but Mando says that’s irrelevant as it will be vaporized soon

Dune disables a security guard and they grab his code cylinder They move through the compound and open the reactor door, above a lava pit They send Mythrol to drain the cooling lines and set off a chain reaction The lava pit starts to bubble and they estimate they have about 10 minutes to get out before any blows

As the Stormtroopers begin to rally around the base, they find a pair of Imperial scientists purging computer hard drives As Mando, Dune, and Karga fire their blasters, the scientists fire at the console – they clearly want to destroy all the information.They find a row of tanks with horribly deformed corpses, and Dune realizes that this is not a base. military – it’s a lab Dune tells Mythrol to access computers to find out what the Empire is doing

He accesses a holo from Dr Pershing, the scientist who worked alongside the client, explaining his experiments He says: “We have replicated the results of subsequent trials, which also ended in catastrophic failure. promising effects for a fortnight, but then unfortunately the body rejected the blood I very much doubt we would find a donor with a higher M number, however “

He recommends that they suspend all experimentation, because he fears that the volunteer will suffer the same “regrettable” fate as the other test subjects if they proceed to the transfusion. He also admits that he has no more blood of the child because he could only harvest a limited quantity without killing him In order for the experiments to continue, they need additional access to the donor – aka the child

Mando says transmission must be old because he thinks Moff Gideon is dead Mythrol instead says he’s only three days old Now that he knows Gideon is alive, Mando realizes that the child is in danger, so he returns to town to save him Karga, Dune and Mythrol go back to the speeder but meet the Stormtroopers on the way

Mando returns to the core of the reactor, where the lava reaches a critical level. He is attacked by Stormtroopers but manages to return to the surface

Dune, Karga and Mythrol rise to the surface but are cornered by more soldiers Dune races for the Marauder and activates her, heading for Karga and Mythrol With all other escape routes blocked, she drives transport to the edge of the cliff and land on Mythrol’s speeder They head to the canyon with faster bikes in pursuit – much faster than transport, they are there instantly Karga mans the cannon turret and pulls out the ‘one of the speeder bikes

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The other two speeders flank the vehicle and get out of Karga’s reach Dune crushes one against the side of the canyon, but the other climbs to the roof, cocking a thermal detonator Just in time, Karga puts the Scout Trooper on in his sights and blows him up

They think they’ve escaped, but the TIE fighters take off from the base and attack from the air. The transport won’t go any faster and Karga struggles to hit fast moving targets When he finally manages to take out a TIE Fighter, the shrapnel destroys its cannon turret

As they approach town, they lose canyon protection and are effectively sitting ducks Then one of the TIE Fighters is attacked and destroyed by unidentified blasters – they belong to the well-repaired Razor Crest The Mandalorian quickly eliminates the two remaining TIE fighters Although the kid loves roller coasters, he ends up absorbing the blue cookies he ate

Karga calls Mando and asks him what he owes him for this awesome theft. “With the repairs, let’s call it even,” he says cleaning up the child Karga asks if he can buy Mando a drink, but Mando says he needs to keep moving, to stay ahead of Moff Gideon before he realizes something is happening on Nevarro

Two New Republic X-Wings are parked outside of town Pilot (and apparently cop) Carson Teva asks Karga if he remembers anything else before the base blows up He says no Rebel pilot asks about the jumping Razor Crest, but Karga says he never said anything about the Razor Crest Teva mentions the transponder log, but Karga says the control droid can’t recognize anything before Empire: “It’s not Coruscant” Karga says he’ll tell Teva if anything happens in the future – if he’s out that far again

Teva tells Dune she’s done a hell of a job cleaning up the system and the records say she’s a great soldier – the New Republic could really use her She says she’s not a carpenter He says there is something going on on the outer rim, that they don’t believe it on the central worlds, but it is true These are not isolated incidents [with former Imperials] They must be stopped before it’s too late, but they can’t do it without local assistance He tells her that he fought during Alderaan, and she tells him that she lost everyone there. leaves him a New Republic badge

On a new Star Destroyer look, a junior Imperial officer receives a message from the mechanic who repaired the razor badge He says: “The device has been planted as you requested” The officer tells the mechanic that he will be well rewarded in the new era The officer finds Moff Gideon to tell him that the tracking beacon has been placed on the Razor Crest, and confirms that the Mandalorian still has the “trump card” “And we’ll be ready” , he says, as a scientist watches the racks of what appear to be new-look Troopers

Verdict: Aside from the fact that “The Siege” is a slightly misleading title – who besieges whom? – this is another brilliant episode of a show that rarely puts a beskar foot in the door

With an Outer Rim world, Imperials, New Republic, memorable returning characters, amazing action sequences, and lots of mythology, it’s like someone’s taken the best bits of Star Wars, had shaken them and watched them fall (almost) perfectly into place If this episode isn’t as successful as its predecessor, it’s mainly because it doesn’t have such a brilliant pace

From start to finish, you couldn’t be anywhere except Star Wars Imperial designs are remarkably faithful to the original trilogy, but even when you close your eyes, the sound effects do the work for you – the sounds of the Razor Crest’s speeder bikes and faulty hyperdrive take you back to the original trilogy Meanwhile, the speeder canyon chase and Razor Crest’s TIE Fighter aerial combat are worthy heirs to this galaxy far, far away, lore. exhilarating settings

But while it’s fun to have another adventure with the return of Cara Dune and Greef Karga – after just 12 episodes, the series has built up an impressive lineup of memorable recurring characters – the episode is most notable for its entanglements Imperialists We now know for sure that Dr. Pershing’s experiments involved injecting Baby Yoda’s blood into test subjects, with horrific results Presumably the Imperial remnant are trying to create an army of Force-fed villains, but the things clearly did not go as planned

With the Empire now having a tracker on Razor Crest, however, the sights are indeed on Mando and his young companion. If they find Ahsoka Tano in Episode 5, don’t be surprised if the Imperials are very close behind

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