DALLAS (CBSDFWCOM) – Dallaskune-based Mo3-based rapper Melvin Noble died after being shot by a suspect who chased him on foot on I-35E on Wednesday, CBS 11 told CBS 11 News from sources close to the investigation

Police say the incident started as the victim was traveling northbound on I-35E to Clarendon Drive just before noonm A suspect got out of a vehicle armed with a gun and started to approach the victim’s vehicle, police say Police did not say if the vehicles had been stopped

Police say the victim, identified as Noble, 28, also got out of his vehicle and started running south on the highway The suspect pursued the victim and shot him several times, hitting the victim at least once, police said

According to police, an innocent bystander who was inside his vehicle was also hit by the gunfire

When will black violence ever end? I’ve never heard of this rapper but the murder of blacks on top of each other is disturbing


News from around the world – United States – Sources: Dallas rapper Mo3 killed in shooting at I-35E

Source: https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2020/11/11/sources-say-dallas-rapper-mo3-killed-shooting-i35e/